Most assets in-game are made by myself. With all audio included in-game being outsourced from, under the Creative Commons 0 License.


Another prototype game I've made, a bit buggy but fully playable! Initially done for a personal jam, but ended up taking one/two months to build to a playable state. It's an arcade-y game in scope for now, but hopefully will expand later in scale, if further developed.

A/D or Left/Right Arrows to Steer Ship
W/S or Up/Down Arrows to control acceleration (shown by player Sails)
Spacebar Key, or Left Mouse button to fire standard cannonball
X Key, or Right Mouse button to fire (special) cannonball spread

Gameplay Objective

  • Kill all enemy ships within the map, within a limited amount of time. Without being sunk.
  • If you kill all enemy ships on map? Then you move on to the next day (stage);
    • With any time remaining being added to the time limit on the next day (stage).
  • If you get sunk or time runs out, then it's game over. And you'll have to start again at day 1.

Outside the obligatory "Sid Meier's Pirates!" I'd also cite in terms of 'feel', Ace Combat. Especially if I expand to include many features. Least of which different types of enemies, BOSSES. And alternative Special attacks, with limited ammo!


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