A downloadable game

a 2 day Game Jam that I made with a Team for the "Re-Start 2020 GSA Game Jam", that has a take on the theme of FUTURISM.


  • Andrew Letailleur, Project Manager/Level Designer & Programmer
  • Lucas Prini, Gameplay Designer and Programmer
  • Matias Gotz, 2D Artist, 3D Modeller and Programmer
  • Kirstin McLellan, Audio Designer
  • "E" Alegandro, (side) Project Manager
  • "Omar", honourary 2D Artist


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Almost forgot to post the link to the finished jam game. As such, will at least provide a download link below, for the Google drive containing the builds short term. Will in the long term, also see on pushing the builds to this Itch.io page.


non è presente il gioco

Making an initial draft version/etc, without the upload. In the off chance we upload the later project later than the not-fixed submission deadline, for the GSA Game Jam (it should end in 6PM, GMT+1 on Friday. So best case, we have approx~30 hours left to Jam on this project.)