A downloadable game

- Instructions -

WASD or Arrow Keys to Move & Aim
Spacebar to Jump,

Mouse Button's or E/R to Fire and "Rewind" the Fired Bullet.
H Key (or Middle Mouse Button) to "Rewind" Health.

- Gameplay -
Kill enemies, avoid being killed. If your heart is empty within the GUI, the game is over.

Be mindful on how much "time" you can use to rewind, as you cannot rewind your actions if you are out of "TP" (which will be displayed in "Purple", within the time bar).

If you don't kill the initial mooks, stronger enemies will eventually be spawned.

- Credits/Etc -

This game was made for the "Brackeys Jam 2020.2" Jam. Though it ain't perfect, I'm glad the gameplay is within a "demo" state, even if it's without sound or music.


All "assets" (demo-y as they are), are handmade by myself. While scripts/etc, where helped in reference to various tutorials found online through the development of this prototypical jam game.


GameJamBuild.zip 19 MB


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As an additional thought/etc. As it's only a demo, and doesn't have anything near "meat" in my lens. I cannot in due honesty, justify asking for donations for this project.

And ergo, as a jam and all that. It's free to play. So go nuts, with a proof of concept, really! Executable wise. ;)