A prototype game I was hoping to have fully developed within the length of a game jam. Only, it took a month or two to fully realize in a self-contained, playable state. It's got at most, three blob types, some audio/background variation, and bare bones gameplay. But it's something I made for myself, that may become a longer term project.

Odds are, I'd give this prototype a rest, while doing another dream prototype here, further assess if it's worth continued development as a spiritual successor to a beloved/iconic flash game there, business wise. Until then, hope you enjoy!


  • Mouse to move. Left Click to Slash, Right Click to dodge roll.
  • Keys; M to Mute Music, N to switch to next track.
    • And click the 'audio' mic at the top/left corner to disable all audio
  • Probably nothing else to note, bar you can reset high score at the end of the game, if you want to easily delete the only stored data; being your high score!


  • Slay any blob you come across in the name of spring cleaning, with your trusted "beatstick".
  • Killing more than one blob in one swing will escalate the total score gained.
  • Aim to gain a high a score possible, by killing a lot of blobs in one go...
    • ... Whilst avoiding being killed by the mutated, dangerous blobs.

CREDITS (& Reference/s)

Though most of the assets where proto-crafted by me, using a simple image/photo editor. All audio used for this prototype, is outsourced from the website Freesounds.org, under the Creative Commons 0 license. That said, just in case I will list all my used third party sources in due reference.

Audio edited, using the following online site/service (Which is frankly better, indie bias wise); https://audiomass.co/

For conversion, I used this site as a lazy adjuster, from aiff to wav. Odds are, it's got other alt conversion services for mp3, and other audio as required; https://convertio.co/aiff-wav/

As for the Audio from Freesounds.org. In due reference (with some edits), they are as follows;

Author (CC0) File Name + Link Used for
smokebomb99 Sword Slash 2
Sword Swing
qubodup Slash Blob splat (default)
nekoninja Samurai Slash Death "Slash" BGM (lazy)
acid ball sizzle
mrickey13 Splat/Squish 2 red killer lunge grunt
zepurple land a jump Rolling sample
J_Zealous Kick J.Zealous Hard Club Blob bounce
whisperbandnumber1 Grunt1 Guy stun grunt
aabbccddee123 032_zorromoviendoelbrazo-003 Save "Ting" cue?

For the music soundtracks. Wish I could with permission, use a certain indie nu-jazz band. But the canaries of doubt and lack of time in mind, led to the music needing to be CC0 as well. So, I referenced "szegvari"s music. Ain't perfect, mixed bag wise. But it's easy listening enough to 'some' consistency.

Author (CC0)Audio Name + Link
szegvari Street action (DnB) Mastered
szegvari Electronic Cinematic Music
szegvari Relax Ambient Sea Music Short
szegvari Tropical shore - Cinematic EDM Music
szegvari New York park - Cinematic EDM Music
szegvari Windy day - Cinematic Fantasy Music atmo Amb soundscape
szegvari Electric Cinemaric House Ambient Dance EDM Music - Mastered

As an addition, I used the following key words/phrases to find the music on Freesounds.org. It'd likely lead to more mixed bag listening. May use more from this if I don't end up with the music I want in this game by demo phase :)

szegvari music (*under the Creative Commons 0 licence)

One more thing...

Noted Bugs: Primary involving a 'fuzzy' score at times, alongside a "Killer Tomato" that has a bigger score and kill count than typical. But their relatively minor.

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AuthorAndrew Letailleur
Tags2D, Arcade, Singleplayer

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